5 betagende digte om det at have hest

Det kan være svært at beskrive over for både sig selv og andre, hvordan det er at have hest. For hvordan kan man elske dyr så højt, at man vil investere så meget tid og så mange penge i dem? Vi har fundet fem digte, som kan hjælpe dig med at sætte ord på, hvad det er, der er så fantastisk – men også svært og i det hele taget meget følelsesladet – ved at være hesteejer. Hvilket digt er det bedste, synes du? Vi har markeret et par sætninger i hvert digt, så du kan se, hvad der har ramt os.

The Horseman

I heard a horseman
Ride over the hill.
The moon shone clear,
the night was still.
His helm was silver,
and pale was he.
And the horse he rode
was of ivory.


– Walter de la Mare.

Only Horses

There’s something about horses
that makes me feel like no
other human can make me feel.
There’s a sense of belonging,
of being needed,
of being loved.

There’s a joy beyond any other
that I get when with them,
when riding them.
There’s no other feeling like it,
the feeling of peace,
of freedom.

But only with the horses.

– Ukendt.

Når man er sammen med sin hest, har man brug for at være sammen med den og ikke alle mulige andre. Derfor har vi samler et par beskrivelser som fotæller om personer, du absolut ikke orker at tage stilling til, når du er i stalden – og det er helt okay!

The Stallion

A gigantic beauty of a stallion, fresh and responsive
to my caresses.
Head high in the forehead, wide between the ears,
limbs glossy and supple, tail dusting the ground,
eyes full of sparkling wickedness, ears finely cut,
flexibly moving.
His nostrils dilate as my heels embrace him,
his well-built limbs tremble with pleasure as we
race around and return.


– Walt Whitman.

Freedom on Horse-Back

You never know what freedom feels like,
until you’re going at a flat run bare back.
If you’ve been, you know how it feels.
The horse’s every step, the wind in our hair,
the way your body moves with the horse.
If I could, I would live in the saddle.
Forever roaming with the wild and tame horses.
Freedom is the best feeling in the world.
It’s even better, when on horse-back.

– Ukendt.

It was my choice – not his

I will see that he has every day,
plenty of clean water and good hay.
Shelter from cold, wind and rain
and the ration he needs daily of grain
I’ll see to his need for play and exercise.
and love him, for that is the bind that ties.
I’ll teach him and I promise to learn
His trust in me, I’ll take time to earn.

He’ll not be just a toy that I can afford,
that I forget, except to pay board.
I’ll see to his needs day in and day out,
not leaving him in his stall to sulk and pout.

I know that I own him but he too owns me,
I’m responsible to keep him happy and healthy.
He is not a burden, but a lifelong friend.
Not one I’ll abandon when his life nears its end.

It was my choice, not his, to have a horse
From that choice his life should be better, not worse.
I’ll not ship him off when he’s too old to ride,
finding excuses and reasons behind which to hide.

Like marriage it was meant to last, not end in divorce.
For that divorce often means the death of the horse.
It is more like a child, the purchase a birth,
a being to care for, a life that has worth.

I acknowledge this commitment with honor and pride,
I’ll care for this horse, he’s not just something to ride.
If the day ever comes, when my promise I can’t fullfill,
I’ll see that he is placed with someone who will.

– Ukendt.

Og hvordan er du så selv i stalden? Det kan du fine ud af i artiklen her.

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